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About Us

The Red Kiosk Company is a new national retail chain operating out of unused iconic red telephone boxes. The first two self-contained food and beverage kiosks within the shell of these iconic boxes were launched on New Road, near Pavilion Gardens in Brighton in June 2014. 

The concept was conceived by local businessmen Eddie Ottewell and Steve Beeken. 

“These iconic red phone boxes are both a great piece of engineering and architecture” commented Eddie, “Our aim is to redefine the usage to suit modern day needs and requirements without compromising their external appearance” 

Red Kiosk began its journey in 2012. Eddie and Steve presented BT the commercial opportunity of developing red phone boxes into retail / advertising / commercial units starting in their home city of Brighton. 

“Once we had their (BT) support the project was under way” commented Eddie.   

“It has been a journey of many twists, turns and obstacles as this had not been done before. We are extremely proud of the project and thank BT and Brighton Council for their support from the outset.

”At the core of Red Kiosk’s strategy is the desire to make a quantifiable and positive impact upon the local community which it serves.

The Red Kiosk Company operates a unique model with current opportunities available nationally.

Current Locations
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