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Frequently asked questions

1. How much will it cost to rent a Red Kiosk?
The initial payment of £3500 Plus VAT is due in advance to secure your site and this includes a fully refurbished Kiosk with a five lever mortice lock, Professional fees, Lease agreement and the first Six months rent. After the six months period the rent is from £300 plus VAT per calander month.

2. How Long will my lease be?
Red Kiosk will offer you a Three, Five or Ten year lease and in some circumstances longer?

3. Will Red Kiosk fit out my Phone Box?
No! Red Kiosk are providing you with a retail space to opperate and run your business. We can recomend companies to assist in designs and production of your set up.

4. Am I responsible for any damage to the Kiosk?
As the lease is full repairing, you will be responsible to keep your Kiosk in clean working order. Red Kiosk Company have a maintnance team that can provide peace of mind and cover any damage that may occur. In most sites once the Kiosk is tenanted the vandalism is very rare.

5.What Services are in the Kiosk?
Each Red Kiosk is supplied with a meterd electric supply , if you require mains water this can be applied for through our utility partner.

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