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Miles Brow - RIBA

Red Kiosk Company have worked with Miles Broe Architects - Red Kiosk Design’s from the beginning of the journey to transform and regenerate the Red Kiosks into Retail, Business and Advertising planning uses.

We are asked everyday “What can I use a redundant Red Kiosk for?” and we have responded to these enquiries and created the planning opportunities for our customers.

We have set out below, the process by which this company prepares planning applications and refurbishment of the Red Kiosks to present the business units for lease.

Examples: Retail, Business, Advertising

1) The Kiosks prior to planning consent would be submitted on your behalf by Red Kiosk Designs. The planning application local authority fee would be paid by yourself; and this fee of £889.00 would include the Architect’s costs and the initial submission of the application.

2) All examples of different uses required bespoke drawings provided by yourself or created by Red Kiosk Design’s at an prior agreed fee.

3) Once the application has been approved and registered by the local authority, a cost of £482.00 will be payable to the council to process the application. At this point you will be issued the full planning reference in order to track your application online.

4) Subject to permission to being granted, the above fees of £1371.00 would be deducted from your initial payment. If the application was to be refused, we can copy the file to Planning Consultants who would provide a quotation for submitting an appeal at your cost.

Most London Boroughs and country wide local authorities have already granted consent, and they would require a strong argument as to why they could not consider approving any additional sites. 

Red Kiosk Company manage each application, so you only need to wait for the result. Please see examples of approved applications.

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